Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dustin Zane: Clockwork Cowboy

Dustin Zane: Clockwork Cowboy in...

piece for the upcoming Montserrat College of Art Illustration theme show. this year's theme is the Wild West. i had a lot of random fun with this one. making the ghouls was obviously one of my favorite parts. it was interesting for me to work on the clockwork parts as i have never done that sort of thing in paint before. the scan is not the best quality i could do as EpsonSCAN decided to stop working for me. So I had to resort to finding and learning a new scanning program that i am not fully sure of how to tweek the light and color settings yet.
this guy will be getting delivered to Montserrat by hand (by me) on the 12th of this month. I hope it gets into the show, as i am sure many other awesome artists are submitting. I got 3 items in the last show, ZOMBIES, and i couldn't even attend the opening. So I am pretty hopeful to make an appearance this year, so I do not seem like some sort of snob... plus i like free cheese any day!!!

some day i will be more active on my blog. I just have not gotten into the habit of blogging at all. but will try as it seems everyone else i know blogs their butts off.

also i created a work group on FB SCARFS: Super Cool Art RAdical Fun Squad. its open to join, and it was fun to see what others were going to be creating for this same exact show!!!